Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Devil Jacked My Money

So there has been a lot going on at work after I got my promotion as Head Instructor. After I got back from Thailand things have sucked! Where do I begin..

After having an amazing time in warm "sunny" Thailand I returned to cold ass Daegu! Monday came around and I went to work. I'm in my classroom and The Devil, I mean CEO of the company comes in to give me my paycheck stub. I can't wait to open it because my raise should be on there. I WAS WRONG! I asked her why she didn't pay me for last month and she said it was because I didn't watch any CCTV. I was confused because I worked more, trained teachers, conducted meetings and planned and event with the Korean staff. Apparently all of that work was for nothing because I didn't watch any CCTV. I let it go and don't say anything else.

A couple days later...
My manager who looks like she is always stoned walks into my classroom with this stupid smirk on her face and just stares at me...
Me: Just tell me already
Manger: Stoned confused look
Me: What do you need to tell me?
Manager: The Devil is not going to pay you for your vacation on your Head Instructor salary.
Me: I want to have a meeting with her so we can discuss my contract and pay.
Manager: But why? This is what she said and that is what is going to happen. You need to listen to what she says.
Me: NO! You need to tell her that she can't do this and I want to have a meeting with her.

Two days later... Still nothing! The Devil was either "out of town" or too busy to speak to me.
Keep in mind there were CCTV reports due on Friday. I tell my manager to tell her that I will not continue to do any work until I have spoken to her about my pay. My manager tells me that The Devil is available right now, so we go into her office.

As soon as I walked into her office she started going off in Korean! This is the first problem with this lady: She doesn't know how to communicate with people. For someone in a high position like hers, she is not very professional at all! She started yelling before I got the chance to tell her why I was there. So I sat there quietly waiting for her to shut up, but she never did! My manager started to "translate" what she was saying, but that was pointless because her English is as good as my Korean! Not to mention she is afraid of The Devil so she wasn't translating everything.

Me: Show me in my contract where it says that I will not get paid for my vacation on an HI salary.

The Devil sends the manager to get my contract. The manager returns and hands it to her. The Devil looks at it and skims through the pages. She couldn't find anything so she put it back in my folder.

Me: Can I see my contract please? Can I get a copy of it? So can you show me where it states that you will not pay me the full amount if I don't CCTV?

The Devil pretends she doesn't hear me and continues to yell and scream. Now it gets the attention of the Korean staff in the lobby and everyone is looking through the glass doors.
So my adrenaline starts going and and my claws came out too! She had to call another translator to explain to me why she wasn't paying me. Now she made me feel like I was an idiot who didn't understand something basic, so I started yelling too! I was trying to keep it together but she passed the line. I began yelling at her and telling her that she was taking advantage of people. I wasn't going to bring up not getting paid the full amount but she brought out the devil in me. So I asked her again where it said that I had to CCTV in order to get paid the full amount. She continues to yell for the next TWO hours and still couldn't show me any proof on paper.

I got tired of yelling and arguing over the same thing without getting any answers. The last thing I told her was that if I didn't get part of my money, I was resigning from being head instructor.

Another day passes and still no answer! However, I did get a call about having to attend a meeting the next day. WTF? After everything that we talked about, she still had the nerve to tell me to go to another school to observe other teachers. I refused to go until I got an answer. But I never did! I just kept getting threatening calls at 11:30 p.m. for about 20 minutes telling me that if I didn't go to the meeting, I wasn't going to get paid for this month either. The Devil was flexing her muscles to show me that she was the boss and that I had to do what she said.

I was determined to stick to my guns, but that would have made me miss out on a nice chunk of money, AGAIN! I ended up going to the meeting and completing the CCTV reports. My manager came into my classroom the next day and told me that The Devil agreed to give me half of the money. I guess that's better than nothing. If I was back home this would have never happened. After all that drama, I can't wait to get out of here and work in a country that has unions and where contracts mean something.

If you teach in Korea then you will understand this video if you haven't seen it.