Thursday, July 15, 2010

Night Life

For those of you who don't know what a noribang is, it's a Korean karaoke bar, except you get your own private room. Noribangs are very popular amongst Koreans. It is very common for business men to get wasted at these places. It is definitely a good way to get to know your coworkers! I revealed my inner Shakira to a few of my coworkers last weekend. I don't usually do private parties, but they begged me to sing to them, so I gave them a taste of what I do best! LOL Generally, I only karaoke in my backyard in front of my close friends and family members and that is usually after I have accidentally swallowed some Jack, Tequila, or Jager. This just reminded me of the day I started to "freestyle" and I revealed some information to my mom that she shouldn't know..."Me gusta tomar, me gusta..." LMAO You definitely had to be there to understand how funny this was! And then there was the "Abusadora" time for New Years! That night definitely went down in the books. Anyways, back to last weekend at the nori bang.
It all started with dinner at one of our favorite galbi restaurants downtown (the one with the inflatable dogs). After we got some food and beers in our stomachs the mission began! We eagerly started to look for a new bar, so we could get waisted before we let loose. Someone thought it would be a good idea to try out a new bar, so we searched for about 20 minutes in the rain and in stilettos (just me b/c everyone else was in chucks). Every place we went into was either too expensive, empty, or packed. We ended up at this pretty chill spot, but I have no idea what it is called. As soon as we sat down guess who was already buzzing the waiter..... ALLY, who blames his drinking on being British! He ordered 3 pitchers of beers and two rounds of tequila!!! We all looked at him like WTF alcoholic, we have to go to work at 3:30 p.m. tomorrow. Like always, that didn't seem to phase him one bit! He immediately responded with one of his witty remarks that we all have learned to love at CDI, "I recon it's quite early, we get to sleep in tomorrow, so we can get pissed, aye? Cheers!" At this point, we knew the clock was ticking and that we were limited on time. We were on a mission to get drunk and start singing, so we take down both shots of tequila! ughhhh The party is finally getting started, everyone is happy, I start taking pictures, but then all of a sudden we hear the bartender yell last call for popcorn!!

Ohhhh nooooo what are we going to do? Without any hesitation, I pushed down on the buzzer and ordered two more bowls of popcorn! LOL Ok, everything is back to normal. The partying continues...

The time finally came! We wobbled to the nearest Food Mart. We stalked up my Fendi with 4 bottles of Soju, two bottles of Coke, and who knows how many bags of chips. My coworkers and I find a noribang and ran inside as if our drunkenness would ware off by 3 a.m. The first thing I noticed was the rotating light ball on the ceiling! For a second, I thought I was at a club. Ally looked like this was the moment he had been waiting for all of his life. His one chance to prove he had what it took to be the next Korean Idol. Once he got a hold of the mic, he did not want to share. We had to beg him to let us sing a song. Apparently, he didn't think we were good enough, so Andy and Warren were his backup singers! Actually, I was really taken away by one of my quietest coworkers, Andy. He rarely talks, but as soon as you put a mic in his hand,s he transforms into Axl Rose. I'm really glad that I got to witness that moment! :) Ally on the other hand, not so much! He was jumping on the couch and screaming his lungs out! Who does that? I definitely did not yell until I lost my voice. The person that you are about to witness screaming like a madwoman is Andy's wife Toni. ;)

I have three videos to share, but I don't know why they are not uploading...

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