Thursday, September 2, 2010

JeJu Island

Last week, I went on quick get away to Jeju Island. A new semester started this week, so I had to take advantage of my last week having two days off before they got taken away. Technically I'm still on call, so I never should have left Daegu, but I did anyways! It felt soooo good to tell my boss, "I'm sorry I'm not available for training tomorrow because I'll be out of town." LMAO If you know how "strict" CDI is then you understand that I probably shouldn't have said that.

So, I book my ticket but I don't make any reservations for a hotel. I hate planning things my mom usually is in charge of these things. Just tell me how much I need to pay you and what time I have to be there! I don't have time to be comparing prices and calling places. LOL Well, I guess it's time to learn because my stupid ass decided to go get my nails done before my flight! I thought I would have enough time, but I was wrong. There were two people ahead of me and I only had an hour and a half before my plane took off. The smart thing to do is get back in a cab and forget about having colorful pretty nails. Of course I did the opposite! I sat down and waited. And waited and waited. Finally it's my turn and I only have 15 minutes to spare. So I tell the lady to hurry it up because I had a plane to catch. The other ladies here me and they tell me that I'm crazy and that I should probably leave now because it's traffic hour. Do you think I got up and listened??? NOPE! LOL

I'm in the cab and my nails aren't dry! I tell the cab driver to hurry up! He steps on the gas and starts weaving in and out of lanes. I was optimistic until I looked down at my watch and realized it was time to depart and I was still sitting in the cab. All I can hear in my head is my mom saying, "I told you so! But you never listen." LOL Damn it! Here is something else for my family and friends to make fun of! I was 5 minutes late and there were no more flights on that airline. Just my luck.

Luckily, there was another flight from another airline in the next hour. So I had to purchase another ticket! :( But I got all of my money back from the other ticket! WOOOOO That was a close one! LOL

Just my luck, I am on the SAME plane as the CEO of the company I work at!!! Not to mention the SAME row!!! Keep in mind, I am supposed to be available to go back to work if they call me on my day off. Can anything else go wrong? I am shitting my pants the entire way there. I avoid eye contact, lower my fedora, and put my sunglasses on as soon as I get off of the plane and run to the opposite side of the shuttle. I don't think she saw me because she didn't say anything to me at work. Wooooo I avoided another confrontation!

Now I was ready to relax. I get to the hotel that my friends stayed at the week before and walk up to the front desk. "I would like a room for two nights please." The girl looks up and answers with a smile, "Sorry we are booked the rest of the week." Of course they are! Now what was I going to do??? I couldn't even think about that because my mom's voice was back in my head reminding me of how she told me to plan ahead!!! Luckily there was a motel across the street! :( Do you think I will plan ahead for my next trip???? Stay tuned! ;)
After a long day, I freshen up in the beautiful 5 star motel and head to Love Land. I never thought I would see a theme park like this in Korea. Koreans are known to be conservative, shy, and reserved right? So you would never think that they would have a park full of statues of "inappropriate" things like sexual positions, penises, boobs, vaginas, dildos and porn, right?
WRONG!!!!!!! Koreans are undercover FREAKS! When I went to Amsterdam and walked through the Red Light District, I was not surprised by the naked women in the windows or the endless amount of sex stores. But when I saw penises and boobs out in the open here, I was taken away! I still can't believe they would have a park like this even if they are just statutes. Like I said, undercover FREAKS!
The next day, I did some more exploring around the island.
Jeju was created from volcanic irruptions about 2 million years ago. I unfortunetly did not get to see Halla-Sana, a volcano 1,950 meters high, which is also the highest mountain in South Korea. However, I did visit one of the three largest waterfalls in Jeju, Cheonjiyeon Waterfall.

Before getting to the waterfall you have to cross a raft that represents Korean culture. As you walk on the trail to get the waterfall there are koi fish and ducks all around!!! Not to mention the beautiful tress and plants surrounding you. The walk only takes about 5 minutes, which I was a little disappointed in. I would of enjoyed a 3o minute hike. When I got to the waterfall it was not what I expected. I thought it was going to be HUGE and it wasn't. It's only 22 meters high. I also thought I would be able to dive off of the top like I did in Cancun so I could get another scar over my other eyebrow to match the one I already have. But nope that is not allowed. All I was able to do was take pictures. Actually, I couldn't even do that because I had to ask people to take my picture! LOL
After riding the public bus for an hour and a half to g
et there, I got back on after staring at the waterfall for ten minutes. Now I had to get back on the bus for another miserable two hours just to get to Hyeopjae Beach.

Finally, I see emerald water and white sand surrounded by massive lava rocks! ahhhh I was in paradise. Before sitting my things down, I went straight to the store and stocked up on some beer and soju. It was time to enjoy my vacation. I was WRONG AGAIN!
Ring ring ring ring went my cell phone. Damn it, who is bothering me? I told everyone I was going on vacation. Shit it was work.

Me: Hello?
Work: Hi Araceli are you busy?
Me: Ummm not really just relaxing
Work: So you are at home, right?
Me: No, actually I'm in Jeju.
Work: What? Where? Why? We need you to come in right NOW.
Me: Yea that isn't possible, I won't be back until tomorrow afternoon.

This slowly began to sink in to her and she realized there was nothing she could do. LOL I worried about not having a job when I got back but that quickly ended after I finished my first beer!

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