Sunday, September 12, 2010

Angry Neighbor

Alright, so last night Martell, Andy and I went out for dinner and drinks. We had a delicious dinner and a lot of beers! We left the bar nice and happy around 3 a.m. As Martell and I were walking down the street, I told him to touch my abs. LOL I'm not sure why, I guess I'm proud of my results from my dedication to the gym and wanted to show them off! LOL

Martell quickly responded, NO! I was surprised by his answer because who wouldn't want to touch ab muscles, right? So I slightly lift up my shirt and flex so it would be more appealing. But nope, that didn't work either. It just made him start running down the street. LOL Who runs away from sexy abs??? Of course someone who doesn't like females! At this point, I was determined to make a gay man touch my abs, so I started running after him! I caught up to him at our apt building so I blocked the doorway. Martell helplessly stood there and kept telling me that he was not going to touch them! My loud ass started laughing like a hyena because he was acting like a little girl. I kept yelling at him, "TOUCH MY ABS!" Still nothing!

Out of nowhere another voice joined our screaming, but it wasn't in English. Our neighbor in the next building, on the first floor went to her window and started yelling at us in Korean. I'm assuming she was telling us to shut up! Martell in a second turned into the diva he is and went up to the window and started waving his index finger at her as he yelled even louder, "Oh no, you are not telling us to shut up when you were probably the one screaming at your husband a few weeks ago while things were being broken all night!!!" LMAO

She is probably the crazy woman that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. I still can't believe that she had the nerve to yell at us. I find it fascinating how quick Koreans are to tell Americans to shut up when we are being too loud. This is not the first time that this has happened. The first time was when we were at the park across the street. It was only around 12 a.m. and the cops (who you rarely see anywhere) showed up and told us that we had to go home because we were too loud. Seriously? Everyday, I can hear Koreans talking until 3 a.m. Where are the cops??? The second time also took place at the park. It was around 2 a.m. this time, so I can understand why someone would be upset if they were trying to sleep. Because they piss me off when they are loud as hell and I'm trying to sleep. But it's ok for them to do it because they are Korean! Anyways, a man walked up to us and told us to keep it down.

Someone please help me understand their "culture." This is my understanding of it so far...
It is ok to:
1. Hit your spouse
2. Scream at the top of your lungs at crazy hours
3. Drink until the sun goes up as you keep your neighbors up

This is accepted here, unless you're a foreigner!

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