Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another medal to add to my collection!

Its been a while since I've written anything because I have been busy and lazy. I guess I will just write about my half marathon. As you know, I am a workout freak and addicted to running, so I had to find something to keep me in shape. One of my coworkers asked me to run a half marathon with her so I agreed to do it. Since our agreement, I promised her that I would not leave her behind the day of the race (I kept my promise). We tried training together as much as possible, but with our conflicting schedules it was almost impossible! Our training began about two months before the race. We either ran on the treadmill or at the local elementary school down the street, where we became celebrities and the track team coaches!

On the weekends, we would go the elementary school and run before work. This happened to be at the same time that the track team ran. Lucky us! Now we had 20 little kids running behind us stepping on our feet! On top of that the track teacher stopped me one day to correct my running! Apparently I was moving my hands the wrong way!? Who knows what he said because it was all in Korean, which I can't understand!!! I just smiled and bowed my head thanking him for his wonderful advice. Now every time I see one of the kids on my way to work, he challenges me to a race. Of course I have to turn him down because he will probably beat me, but I just tell him I'm not wearing the right shoes! :)

The race was on the Korean military base in Pohon. We stayed at a love motel that was pretty modern. It had everything you needed: sex toys, lubrication, and of course condoms, cologne so men can spray some on before they go back home to their wives, face whitener, and last but not least ROPE! Just in case there's a fire!!! Before we checked in, we had to watch a 5 minute video on how to bust a Macgyver move from a window on the 10th floor. I'm just kidding they didn't show us a video. But seriously, I don't understand why they can't be like everyone else and add some stairs on the side of the building. Apparently they don't believe in fire escapes. It's a good think I went repealing in Australia! It was a lot of fun running with the Korean soldiers. Stacey on the other hand didn't feel the same way after the forth mile. I don't think that will be signing up for the next one! There were only about 6 foreigners and about 20 girls. I found it a little odd that the majority of the runners were men. Towards the end of the race, a few of our fans finished with us. People kept stopping us in the middle of the race to take pictures with us. I was waiting for one of them to ask for my autograph!

After the race we picked up our medals and our goody bag. I was expecting a t-shirt and a sandwich, but instead I got something better: a huge bottle of mackli (alcohol), a gigantic bag of mushrooms, kimchi, rice, and sea weed soup! The mushrooms were a little random but they came in handy for a lot of meals. After the race we headed to the beach to relax and eat. Of course I was the only one in a bathing suit again. Koreans don't believe in showing skin so they go in the water fully clothed! Weird.
We ate at one of the many restaurants along the beach. The food was a little expensive but totally worth it. Everything was obviously fresh and came in big portions. I usually eat oysters with Tapatillo (Mexican hot sauce), lime, and one of my favorite things, salt! Out here, they cook them on a pan. Definitely a little different but still delicious!


  1. Cool... Great idea to share your experience Araceli!

    - Clint from SoCal (Afro Thunder... LOL)

  2. No problem! thanks for reading it. Now become a follower! lol